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Treatment Model

Flexible Approaches for Differing Needs

Mental and behavioral health needs are never one-size fits all.  While many individuals get the support and services they need within traditional models, many need a flexible and individualized approach.  Beyond the Individual's service model focuses on helping individuals and families access the help that they need through direct services, systems support, and consultation.  Click on any text on the infographic for more information about individual pieces of our service model. *Best viewed on desktop for full model.

Getting Started

If you clicked around on our infographic above, you may have realized that our services are highly individualized and vary from person to person.  At the same time, we know that it can be difficult to know where an individual may fall on our continuum of care.  We offer free initial consultations when indicated to help place you in the best service model for you and your family.  The flowchart below outlines our intake and waitlist process. *Not available in mobile view.

Initial Contact
You contact our clinic via our online CONTACT US form, email, phone, or outside service.
Phone Screen
Our admin team will set up a time to speak and collect additional information and answer administrative questions.
We will set a call or video chat with our clinic director(s) to answer clinical questions and determine fit.
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