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Behavior Reduction Boot Camp

This group will focus on providing caregivers evidence-based tools to improve the parent-child relationship, reduce maladaptive behaviors, increase replacement behaviors, and effect meaningful change for your family.  

Toilet Training

Boot Camp

The focus of this group is on increasing toileting skills and decreasing maladaptive behaviors related to toileting (e.g. accidents, tantrums, etc.). Individuals who participate in this group must confirm that their child has been seen by a pediatrician to rule out any medical concerns related to toileting. 


Increasing Independence with Academics

Individuals who attend this group will receive guidance on how to improve executive functioning skills, such as attending to tasks, time management, and tolerance of non-preferred activities.  

Increasing Independence with Daily Living Skills

Those who attend this group will receive guidance on how to increase compliance with the completion of adaptive daily living tasks, such as toothbrushing, showering, etc.  

Support Group

Support Through

the Storm

This group utilizes an Acceptance Commitment Training (ACT) philosophy to help teach parents and caregivers manage the stress of raising a behaviorally complex child.  While supporting each other is a part of the group, the focus is on using real-life examples from group members to work on skills to better manage stress. 

Breaking Down Gender Norms in Parenting

This group will discuss current gender roles and societal norms related to parenting and how these may influence behavior within the family structure.  

Bible Study Group
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