Meet Our Team

Staff at Beyond the Individual, LLC utilize behavioral, acceptance and commitment, and cognitive-behavioral frameworks to  support individuals and promote change. They specialize in the flexible application of behavioral principles in the clinic-based setting while also providing services in the natural environment to promote generalization to settings such as schools, homes, day programs, and psychological treatment facilities. Areas of expertise include dual-diagnosis, intellectual and developmental disabilities, anxiety/obsessive-compulsive disorders, complex diagnosis and treatment profiles, and high-intensity behavior management.  Each clinic capitalizes on the strengths and expertise of their staff, so services vary between regions.  Please check our services page to learn more about services and funding sources available closest to you.

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Dr. Katrina Ostmeyer, BCBA
Chief Executive Office

Licensed Psychologist
Licensed Behavior Analyst

Kansas City Clinical Staff

Mitchelson, Brittany Picture.jpeg
Brittany Mitchelson, BCBA
KC ABA Program Director

Licensed Behavior Analyst
Perkins, Bess Head Shot.jpg
Bess Perkins, BCBA
Behavioral Consultant
Licensed Behavior Analyst
Dr. Jessica Nelson BCBA
Behavioral Consultant
Licensed Behavior Analyst
Morgan, Lauren Headshot.jpg
Lauren Morgan, BCBA
Behavioral Consultant
Licensed Behavior Analyst
Parbel, Jennie Photo.jpg
Jen Parbel
Lead RBT
BCBA Supervisee
Bogart, Katie Headshot.jpg
Katie Bogart
Lead RBT
Schone Shelby Headshot.jpg
Shelby Schone
Psychological Intern
Dervin, Michaela Headshot.jpg
Michaela Dervin
Ali Golik
Psychological Intern
Wallce, Erica Headshot.jpg
Erica Wallace

SEK Clinical Staff

Ali Wilbert, BCBA
SEK Program Director
Duran-Espino, Sabrina Headshot.jpg
Sabrina Duran-Espino
Lead RBT
Duncan, Cami Headshot.jpg
Cami Duncan
Wagy, Mashaya Headshot.jpg
Shaya Wagy

Administrative Staff

Annette headshot.jpg
Annette Ostmeyer
Administrative Assistant