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Consultation and Training Fees

The following services are billed in 15 minute increments with rates varying by practitioner as follows:

  • PhD licensed staff: $180/hour

  • Masters licensed staff: $160/hour

  • Supervised licensed staff: $100/hour

  • Trainee/Supervisee/Direct Support Staff: $75/hour


Direct Consultation and Training: Time spent on-site providing services including, but not necessarily limited to, staff training, observation, psychological or behavioral assessment with targeted student or staff, and attendance at meetings.

Indirect Consultation and Preparation: Time spent on or off-site providing services including, but not limited to, preparation of training materials and content, assessment reports, behavior intervention plans and/or recommendations, and data collection systems.

Phone and video conference contacts: Phone calls and video conferencing for any contacting lasting 15 minutes or greater.

Travel: Travel is billed in 15 minute increments at the provider's hourly rate. When possible, staff will meet via telehealth or phone to limit the costs of travel as indicated.  The client may also be requested to cover the cost of lodging if an overnight stay is required for consultation or training with distance-based or teams.

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