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Who we are:
At Beyond the Individual, LLC (BTI), our philosophy encompasses the understanding that behavioral health services provided in a flexible manner using evidence-based frameworks leads to lasting and effective change. We work with teams, families, and individuals to meet this goal with office-based, telehealth, and home-and-community based intervention.


What we do:

Staff at Beyond the Individual, LLC utilize behavioral, acceptance and commitment, and cognitive-behavioral frameworks to support individuals and promote change. They specialize in the flexible application of behavioral principles in the clinic-based setting while also providing services in the natural environment to promote generalization to settings such as schools, homes, day programs, and psychological treatment facilities. Areas of expertise include dual-diagnosis, intellectual and developmental disabilities, anxiety/obsessive-compulsive disorders, complex diagnosis and treatment profiles, and high-intensity behavior management. Each clinic capitalizes on the strengths and expertise of their staff, so services vary between regions.


Why work with us:

We believe in using the same principles of our science with our staff as we do with our clients with the knowledge that those that work in the professional generally have the skills to do good work, but sometimes the environments in which they practice lead to burn-out and providers having to make the choice between providing quality ABA services or choosing some semblance of work-life balance. Our company is built on working with professionals to help build them as professionals while also promoting appropriate boundaries, expectations, and work/life balance. Staff at BTI also have the unique opportunity to work outside of the autism spectrum with caseloads including individuals across a diverse age range (toddler through adults) and diagnoses (autism, OCD, ADHD, enuresis/encopresis, etc.).

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