School & Agency Fee Structure

Staff at Beyond the Individual, LLC provide a wide array of services to help support schools and agencies. This may include training for staff, consultation to support complex behavioral cases, behavioral and psychological assessment, or supports for the development of systems-levels interventions to support positive behavior support or MTSS.  Staff at Beyond the Individual, LLC will work with schools and agencies on the behalf of clients as contracted by families or when directly contracted through the school or agency.  

Billing and Service Model

After years of providing both psychological and behavior analytic services as an in-network provider and administrator overseeing these services, Dr. Ostmeyer has decided to adopt a fee-for-service model at Beyond the Individual, LLC. She found that working within the constraints of these networks was not only stressful, but prevented her from providing the services in what she believed to be the most effective and productive manner.

On the surface, working with a fee-for-service provider may seem less cost-effective, but there are several benefits to such an arrangement including:

  • Ability to develop an individualized treatment and behavior plan without the delays and possible denials of working with a third-party contractor

  • The ability to work with a therapist who works to provide services using an evidence-based model rather than trying to make therapy fit the constraints of a third-party funder which may or may not be in line with current best practices or meet the needs of the client

  • More time spent on treatment plans and client goals rather than case conferences with insurance companies and paperwork

Clients may choose to use their out-of-network benefits with their insurance company and will receive statements with the information required to do so. Dr. ​Ostmeyer will provide additional documentation upon request, but will not work with any third-party-funder directly.

If you are a Medicaid beneficiary, you acknowledge that your forgo your ability to utilize your Medicaid benefits if you choose to work with Dr. Ostmeyer.

Costs and Quotes

The needs of each school or agency can vary greatly based on the goals of consultation or training.  Dr. Ostmeyer will work directly with schools to outline a cost estimate and develop a contract that outlines agreed upon fee maximums. Given the variability in these service contracts, Dr. Ostmeyer asks that school and agency administration reach out to her directly to discuss needs and develop a complimentary written quote for approval.  The following services are billed in 15 minute increments at a rate of $150/hour.


Direct Consultation and Training: Time spent on-site providing services including, but not necessarily limited to, staff training, observation, psychological or behavioral assessment with targeted student or staff, and attendance at meetings.

Indirect Consultation and Preparation: Time spent on or off-site providing services including, but not necessarily limited to, preparation of training materials and content, assessment reports, behavior intervention plans and/or recommendations, and data collection systems.

Phone and video conference contacts: Phone calls and video conferencing for any contacting lasting 15 minutes or greater.

Travel is billed in 15 minute increments at a rate of $100/hour. When possible, staff will meet via telehealth or phone to limit the costs of travel as indicated.  The client may also be requested to cover the cost of lodging if an overnight stay is required for consultation or training with distance-based or teams.

Please click here for information regarding already developed trainings and costs.