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Check In On Your Special Needs Parent Friends

I had the opportunity to speak with my lovely sister over the weekend. As the mother of a 3 year old child with autism, she told me how thankful she was that he was still receiving ABA services at his center-based program. It's not just that he has the opportunity to continue to learn, but also that he benefits from the continued structure the program provides and his parents are able to continue working - an impossible feat if he were at home. I am so glad my sister has those supports and am grateful that the staff that work with him have found the best way to balance risk and benefit for his services. I also think about those families who are struggling with reductions/changes to private services, losing the structure and supports in the school day, and losing many of the outlets they use to get through day-to-day life with their kids. If you know a special needs parent, check in and make sure they are okay. They may be experiencing unique challenges that we haven't even thought of.


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